September 21, 2020 – September 27, 2020 all-day

AuburndalePolice Department is proud to be joining forces with law enforcement agencies inthe U.S. and Canada on September 22 for “Operation Clear Track” — the single largestrail-safety law-enforcement initiative in North America.

Coordinated by Amtrak, Operation Lifesaver Inc. and OperationLifesaver Canada, Operation Clear Track aims to reduce the number ofrailway crossing and trespassing incidents in the U.S. and Canada — incidentswhich seriously injure or kill more than 2,100 people each year. The event isheld during the annual observance of Rail Safety Week, September 21-27.

“The goal of Operation Clear Track and Rail SafetyWeek is to raise awareness of the importance of safe behavior near tracks andtrains, in support of OLI’s mission to save lives,” said Operation Lifesaver,Inc. Executive Director Rachel Maleh.

Because of the ongoing pandemic, law enforcementagencies will be participating in a virtual Operation Clear Track event thisyear. Police and sheriff departments across North America will be promotingrail safety through social media messages, by sharing Operation Lifesaver’s #STOPTrackTragediespublic service announcements and other videos, and by posting other rail safetyinformation to their department websites. Participating police departments willalso be emphasizing the importance of obeying rail crossing and trespassinglaws throughout Rail Safety Week. 

For more information about Rail Safety Week, OperationClear Track, and other rail-safety initiatives and tips, please visit www.oli.org.